Web Design

Video Production Services

neofilm produces digital content for your personal, public, and professional needs. We specialize in digital content such as video production, photography, and website design. Video production is our forte.

Our workflow is fast, professional, and meticulously thorough. We regularly upgrade gear to provide the smoothest, efficient, creative, and cost effective production services possible for your specific needs.

neofilm uses different equipment specific for your particular production needs. Some of the essential tools for producing a wedding video bleed over into the equipment needed for music videos, training videos, and so on. And this gear, experience, and overall skill is great for anyone needing content developed (like a blogger desiring to partnership with neofilm to give their posts an edge…).

Our equipment evolves throughout every year. And each project may be very unique. For example, we use specific wireless mics and certain cameras for training videos that we do not need to use for wedding videos, music videos, etc… We treat each customer, niche, and event or concept uniquely and professionally. Every customer is special and an honor to work for!

Website Design

My name is Jeff Adams, owner of neofilm. Since the late 90’s I have been dabbling with website development and design. I am driven by intuitive thinking with a focus on content first and front end design. I enjoying starting with my customers vision and building from there with powerful tools for professional content development.

Video production, photography, and graphic design are all “digital content”. Web design is as well. Websites are essentially built for digital content using digital content. So, you could say neofim offers digital content development. And, because we can produce virtually all your digital services potentially for you all at once you can save money and time.

As with video production, we possess and express our experience with web design through fast workflows. We can easily have your site started within a day.

All in all it’s about creating digital content, content is king! The right digital content creates genuine substance that captivates your visitors enhancing your online image. Focus on what you do best while we do the rest and putting best foot forward!

Marketing is also something that all of this falls right into. Marketing is truly a science. And when creating digital for entrepreneurial endeavors your website and content needs to be developed towards that. As a result all of this comes together beautifully for a thoughtful, comprehensive service from neofilm.

Simply contact neofilm to move forward now!