Alrighty, I have put off doing a blog long enough. Usually when I’m done editing my computer turns off! But, I think it will be fun so here it goes. Hopefully I’m not breaking any rules in my attempt… To kick off my first blog post here I’m going to recap 2012. 2013 looks yummy and more computer time seems very inticing as I consider moving into upgrades. Just holding out a little bit longer to invest in new technology…

I still haven’t replaced my “day job” in Human Services yet. However, this year I did an unprecedented amount of wedding videos and the facebook data center training video gig was a lot of help and great gig. I may take some time to add more samples of weddings to this playlist later since I have so much to pull from now. In either case, the playlist below shows some 2012 wedding view samples mixed in with some others:

In the process of doing business training videos I decided to pursue more of this type of work. So, I created Here’s a sample of some of those videos:

The year started off awesome. Got to visit Zack Rosicka in Florida and shoot the 30A Singer Songwriter Festival. I uploaded over a hundred music videos from this event the week I returned. It truly was one of the greatest events:

Shot some in Nashville too while visiting and seeing Josh Black perform. Also captured precious Lanndon Lingerfelt there as well as many other great talents. Wanted to visit again but didn’t have the finances:

One of my favorite artists I met at 30A was Shane Cooley. I got to cover him a couple of times in North Carolina this year. He fast became my favorite singer songwriter, currently at least. The videos of Shane Cooley with Rosa Wallace at the Greenbean in Greensboro, NC turned out really great. I captured off the board with a Zoom and used a few cameras. I also caught him at Jack of the Wood in Asheville, NC.

While doing the music videos for Shane Cooley in Asheville I was blown away by a band called The Jauntee. They were performing at Jack of the Wood later that night. I was ill prepared for what I was about to hear. I was so impressed that I went to see them a few days later at Murphies Pub in Boone, NC. This venue is really a restaurant/bar mostly. But, it’s a great place. The stage area however has a lot of annoying pillar like obstacles. The sound guy, he was cool and all, but he wanted me to not use lights for some reason. I did anyways, but very little. It was tight in there to say the least. But, these guys are sooo great! I may be shooting them again soon and really look forward to it.

Videographed a few gigs of Harvest this year. Man, what a bunch of great musicians! I look forward to doing something in a more controlled environment with them sometime hopefully soon!

Finally got to visit Derek McCoy again recently. I’ve been looking forward to capturing some of his jazz. He has a few other gigs, they’re different genre, but the jazz I wanted to capture first. The venue was the smallest I’ve ever shot in. I was about 2 feet from all three musicians. There was only room to walk around the bar. It’s a cool place, but they save the best part, downstairs, for original live music on the weekends. Derek was just jamin there on an off night:

I did my annual computer system upgrade recently adding a new 4 gigabyte GTX 680 video card. It’s awesome! Looking forward to getting new gear always! Plan to acquire a forth video camera before my next wedding gig and some other new toys.

Family has been the greatest thing though. I’m learning more and more how to show gratitude to them as well as the world. It’s been challenging but very meaningful to say the least. We took a trip to visit my mom in PA, went to the beach a time or two, the mountains a few times (which is my personal favorite), etc… William made the honor role! So, we had to spoil him with lots of legos.

I look forward to what 2013 will bring. Something will have to give, I’ll probably have to get a job or reel in more work somehow, or move.