All That Drama is a musical that was produced to make a difference in the lives of young adults. Neofilm was hired to produce the web commercial video and videograph the debut of the entire musical. This was a true honor. The mission of this musical is purely great. I was amazed by how well the youth performed and how well they could sing! I was emotionally moved when filming the actual musical and again when editing it. And the people involved are amazing as well.

The musical was produced by Kimberly P. Johnson and Bruce McKagan, two incredible people! Kim is a fantastic and very powerful motivational speaker and works with youth. Bruce is extremely creative, has an amazing background in music and creative endeavors, has a very good creative eye, and his brother is Duff McKagan which rocks! Lead singer of BOSTON, Tommy DeCarlo, was a part of the musical the first night of the musical. Both nights the youth nailed their performances with great acting and beautiful singing.

A highlight video will be produced soon from the musical. They plan to present this to Disney! 🙂 Below is the first video we produced, with the creative direction of Bruce McKagan. This is just a commercial for their website.

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