Get Started

There’s so many possibilities in how you may want us to work with you. You may want us to simply help you get started by coming out to take pictures and video, create a logo, and then a website to showcase it all. You may also want us to follow your career digitally documenting, archiving, and updating your web presence with videos and photos. Whatever the case we’re here to help create, capture, and share your image and talent.

To get started simply contact us. Be ready though because we are! Before we do anything though we like to complete the short Music Website Details Form and Website Design Agreement. You may print and get started on these forms but we’re happy to work with you on completing them.

Digital Content Development

We offer musicians and bands a variety of services all from one company with a very personal, custom touch.

  • Website Development
  • Video Production
  • Digital Photography
  • Graphic Design

We may also include social media deployment, consultation, and other “extra exposure” opportunities (e.g. SEO, Microsites, Community Sites, Directory Sites, Area Sites, etc…). Just contact us to ask for more details.

Website Elements

All sites are different, at least most should be. Typically we start from scratch and create sites based on your image and overall needs. These are common website elements we implement for our customers:

  • Powerful Domain Name
  • Pages you can update or we can for you
  • Calendars
  • Videos
  • Picture Gallery
  • Forms for online submission
  • Forms for print
  • Smart Navigation
  • Logos & Artwork
  • WordPress
  • Forums
  • Online Payments

Again, as mentioned under “Get Started” above, we also offer various levels of content maintenance and updating depending on your needs and our arrangements.