Cecil & Company provides Sound/PA Systems, Master of Ceremonies, and DJ Services in Shelby, NC. We shot this video in Shelby, NC at the Fair Grounds of Cecil & Company doing their thing for the 2014 Relay for Life. Cecil & Company has covered the Relay for Life for 20 years in a row! So, neofilm decided to slip in and casually cover a bit of this 2 decade accomplishment for a most awesome fundraiser.

Neofilm offers digital content development services. Cecil & Company is an example of this. When each video is produced by neofilm we upload it to our channel. The videos are then shared throughout our social network.

Most of the videos we add to the neofilm channel are put into a playlist. Cecil & Company has a playlist on the neofilm channel where we archiving all the C&C videos. Next we plan to develop a website for C&C and use the videos for content throughout the site. Each video will most likely be used on different pages to enhance the content of the site overall and more powerfully portray what C&C has to offer. Additionally, a playlist of all the videos may be embedded to further populate the site. When neofilm attends each event we also work to snap a few digital photos that we may use for designing or populating their website. These photos are also shared throughout our social networks.

Contact neofilm for video services in Shelby, Gastonia, Charlotte, Hickory, Asheville, or anywhere in North Carolina or beyond! I’ve got my passport!