Above is a virtual tour of Fort Fisher area in North Carolina. This tour includes 13 360 scenes in 2 groups with 46 hotspots. Explore all the hotspots and watch in full screen and try right clicking to select different views like the little planet under the scrub oak trees. Or try the tour with your VR Glasses. We hope to revisit and take the tour further, like to the island and/or the ferry. Be sure to check out some of our other 360 panos, tours, and videos while you’re here!: Viva Tequis and Downtown Gastonia VR Tour, Asheville Resevoir 360 Panaroma, 360 Music Videos, and information on GoPro Fusion.

Virtual Tours

Neofilm offers 360 panorama photography and videography. We enjoy creating virtual tours that are high resolution resulting in the most awesome virtual reality experience. To learn more visit our Virtual Tours page

Virtual Reality mode is only active on applicable devices like phones. It enables you to view this 360 Panoramas with VR Glasses. 3D VR glasses allow you to move your head around and explore your environment as if you’re there!

When using 360 glasses in a Virtual Tour you can focus on a hot spot to activate it bringing you into the next 360 panorama (i.e. going into the next scene).  I have a cheap pair of inexpensive cardboard 3D glasses that work great. 

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