This is not entirely what we have, but is most of what we have. We may acquire more gear as needed. We may or may not use or bring all this gear. To ensure we bring and use specific gear you may need to request it in advance.

Video Cameras

  1. Sony ea50uh with various e-mount lenses (16mm to 50mm, 18mm f2.8, 18mm to 200mm, 35mm f1.8)
    The ea50uh is typically the main camera. It is the most professional “video” camera in our gearset. I may be used run and gun style but typically is operated from via tripod.
  2. Sony a6500 (uses same lenses as ea50)
    This camera is more a DSLR, but it achieves the same quality image as the ea50uh. This camera also shoots in 4K. I will only shoot video on this camera for about 20 minutes at a time due to heating and time restrictions. This camera is more for creative shots (b-roll). I almost always have it on a stabilizer like my 3 axis gimble. And it is the main camera for my slider.
  3. Two Sony FDR AX100’s (4K)
    They are great for peripheral cameras I am not personally manning as they enable me to have a lot of room for post scaling and achieve a ken burns effect (artificial zooms and pans/tilts) with no degradation. While these cameras have a beautiful large one inch sensor, these sensors are not near the size as the APS-C sensors on the NEX 6 or ea50uh. Consequently, these cameras have a different look than the APS-C cameras do. Nonetheless, these 4K cameras are awesome to cut to, especially when used for the right shots.All of the above cameras (ea50uh, NEX 6, and FDR AX100’s) shoot onto SD cards. And all of the cameras use H.264 format.

    Older Cameras

  4. Two Sony HDR CX550v cameras (with two different wide conversion lenses)
    Two Sony HDR CX550v’s: These are the oldest cameras with the smallest sensor, one 1/2 inch CMOS sensors. They are to include as needed. Two different types of wide lens adapters are available as well. The CX550v’s store to internal drives.
  5. Sony HDR-SR1
  6. Sony a330 DSLR
  7. Sony DCR HC


  1. Zhiyun 3 Axis Gimble
  2. Motorized slider Slider with Motorized Pan/Tilt Head
  3. Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod & 502HD Flat Base Head Kit
  4. Manfrotto 351MVB2 TRIPOD w/3460 (503) HEAD KIT(Kit w/Bag)
  6. Manfrotto 701RC2 Video Fluid Head
  7. Manfrotto 190XDB/701HDV Pro Tripod Video Kit with a padded 27″ Tripod Bag
  8. 3280 (AW-3280) 35″ Tripod Bag (Navy)
  9. Manfrotto 190XDB/701HDV
  10. Fig Rig
  11. Crane


  1. Three 144 Bicolor Dimmable LED Camera Lights
  2. 2400W Video Studio Light Kit (3 lights with barn doors, two soft boxes, boom stand)
  3. Two VA902 3-LAMP COOL-LIGHT (2-LT) and two 6′ STAND
  4. HVL20DMA 10/20w LIGHT f/M
  5. Adjustable Camera Flash for Sony a330


  1. Two Sennheiser G3 wireless lav mic systems; plus one optional XLR “Plugin” transmitter
  2. Three Rode PinMics
  3. Two Rode NT1A Condenscer Microphones
  4. Rode NTG-2 Boom Mic
  5. Presonus Firestudio Mobile
  6. Boom Pole with Shock Mount
  7. Zoom H4
  8. Zoom H1
  9. Olympus OLDM520


  • Background Support System
  • Green Screen 10 X 24
  • Muslin Black 10 X 12 ft


Desktop One (editing machine)

  1. Upgrading/building a new system in 2019!
  2. Intel® Core™ i7-980X Processor Extreme Edition (12M Cache, 3.33 GHz, 6.40 GT/s Intel® QPI)
  3. ASUS P6X58D Premium Motherboard
  4. 24 GB RAM
  5. Two SSD Drives and One RAID Zero

 Laptop (remote editing machine)

  • ASUS G75VX
  • Windows 8 Pro or other editions available
  • Intel® 3rd generation Core™ i7 3630QM processors and the latest NVIDIA® enthusiast-level graphics
  • 24 Gig upgraded RAM
  • SSD Drives, m.2 drive, several mechanical and external drives


  • Intervalometer
  • HG Wide Conversion Lens x0.7 for 30 MM camcorders
  • WarmCards Complete 2.0 White Balance Reference System
  • Digital Hotcakes (Effects: Wedding Essentials, Home Movie Essentials, Vol. 5 Pyromations)
  • 2 Studio Monitoring Headphones (Sony and Sennheiser)
  • Wireless Monitoring Headphone
  • Approx. 12 AA Rechargeable Batteries
  • 2 500 watt Work Lights
  • Tent 11X9 foot
  • 3 NP-FV100 Batteries
  • Three 32 GB SD Cards
  • 16 GB SD Card
  • 8 GB SD Card
  • Two 32 GB Micro SD Cards
  • Two lav mic windscreens
  • 1 TB backup external drive
  • 2 TB backup external drive
  • 3 TB backup external drive
  • XLR to Mini, XLR to 1/4, and other standard cables (1/4, XLR, mini, and adapters)