The video above is a 6 minute trailer collage of the version couple received which was over an hour.

Graylyn Estate and Conference Center in Winston Salem is a magnificent venue. And Graylyn is absolutely perfect for a wedding! The grounds of Graylyn Estate are vast and majestic with a beautiful pond, land for activities, and several locations for different phases of wedding day. This was our first Graylyn Estate Wedding video to shoot and everything went perfect!

This particular wedding ceremony was located outside in the back lower section of the estate. Immediately prior and after the ceremony guests gathered in the upper back section of the estate. This was a very large wedding so dinner was served in a variety of different rooms and this worked out extremely well.

Graylyn is like a castle! Despite it’s enormous size and the amazing variety of rooms, it’s fairly easy to learn your way around. Graylyn Estate is fantastic, unique and a completely perfect choice for a wedding venue.

This wedding was for Amy & Brian Palank. They had a large wedding party and Graylyn was totally conducive. This was one of the most emotionally couples I’ve ever encountered. Amy, Brian, their family and friends were all extremely nice, fun, successful people. It was a most honorable special occasion to be a part of. The end result of our wedding video production came together beautifully.

One thing I like to do during the ceremony is have a camera focused on the groom while two other cameras are focused on the bride coming down the aisle. This was the perfect ceremony for this shot as it perfectly captured the surge of emotions during this moment. This is typically the only time I do a “picture in picture” edit to show both the bride and groom coming together. Below is a screen shot of the video at this moment:

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