Josh Black was about 16 or so when I first met him. He was performing with what would later be 30 Aut Sixx, a Country band based in Cherryville, North Carolina.

I was hired to do video their band playing for a school talent show. At the time I had no interest in Country, but they sounded so good that I was instantly a fan. I ended up doing their website and photos later, I even joined their band as rhythm guitar and back up vocalist.

30 Aut Sixx was all about getting Josh into Nashville where he dreamed to move to straight out of high school. The members were all seasoned players committed to top notch sound and launching both Josh Black and Lanndon Lingerfelt. It worked and Josh moved straight into being a lead player and vocalist for Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge in Downtown Nashville.

I’ve since shot him a few times in Nashville. Mostly though doing originals or covers in his apartment. I have covered a little of him performing live but most of that is covers with various artists and those bars are wild! So, I just get a little video here and there to cover and archive where’s he’s at. I think it also helps him evolve.

Josh Black’s original “Last Time” was shot and produced back in 2010 before Josh moved to Nashville. Josh wrote this song to capture the feelings of leaving high school and running into friends later in life. Recently Josh was informed that his song “Last Time” was selected as Senior Class Song 2013 for Cherryville High School. I shot this video sort of on the fly as I was simply experimenting with some new gear, a presonus firestudio mobile and some rhode microphones. “Last Time” and  several other videos were shot upstairs of Tequilas in Downtown Gastonia, NC, the best mexican restaurant in the world;)

Josh has other originals captured here as well as some of him performing songs his Nashville friends have written. It’s been a couple of years of Nashville now and recently Josh has shared moving more into the singer, songwriter role as well as doing more studio time.