Today was such a beautiful day to shoot a wedding video for Jennifer and Dave Karlewicz in Charlotte North Carolina. The ceremony and reception both was held at StoneBridge Church Community. Dave and Jenn were blessed with family and friends from all over the world. They even had a live video feed of the wedding ceremony for friends that couldn’t make it in South Africa where they conduct mission work.

Despite the entire week being extremely cold and rainy the weather was perfect today. Hundreds of guests were present and so friendly that we had a lot of comments for the reception video while we awaited the wedding party announcement. Their photographer was one of the nicest I’ve ever met. He even had an extra camera so we could have an additional 5th perspective.

This was a very tricky wedding to cover. The wedding party assembled in the transept area where they resided until the bride’s father gave her away. The chancel was about 4 feet high where the wedding party stepped up for the remainder of the wedding ceremony. There was two officiants that presented somewhat of an obstacle for the utmost front perspective capturing the face bride & groom. Fortunately I was able to sneak up non-intrusively and get a really nice angle nonetheless. The lighting was a challenge too from being dark as the wedding party entered the nave all the way to a hot spot upfront with a kelvin mixture of dim outdoor lighting bleeding into bright pink gels. So, we basically had to shoot in auto until the dust settled with all the transitions and then switch everything to manual mode fast.

Every event brings so many new learning experiences. Wedding videography is a rush! Every second counts in an extreme way. By the end of every wedding I’m beat! And while it’s a lot of work in the end the reward is a gift of labor that helps a couple relive one of their most precious moments. And when a couple clearly loves each other as much Dave and Jennifer do it’s more than just a job it’s an honor! I excited to render and deliver this project for Dave and Jennifer within a few days. Thank you for letting us be a part of your perfect wedding day!

The images below are just some random stills I snatched from the video while I was editing it: