Finally, we had a reason to “Visit Shelby” to videograph an awesome wedding. The end wedding video production was about an hour and a half. After supplying the family with the finished product I decided to make some trailers and micro videos of sorts. I hope you enjoy, comment, and share!

The delivered edited version of the pre-ceremony and ceremony portion of the wedding video is 41 minutes. I cut  and mixed this down to 3 minutes.

This is a collection of about 10 minutes of guest comments. I typically leave everything in the delivered wedding video in chronological order. I am pretty sure I got all the Guest Comments from throughout the video in this segment.

I cut the final version of the reception video down to about 6 minutes. The reception portion in the wedding video was about 33 minutes.

I knew I had to post the Plush Flush MTV Cribs style video separately on it’s own.

Someone suggested I throw a little something up for “Got You Covered” out of Shelby. I wasn’t entirely focused on their work, but what I did notice was solid. And it was a perfect solution for covering such a huge reception and a 9 piece band!

The band, Crystal Clear Band, wanted me to capture, using his phone, a bit of them playing if I could. I didn’t have time for that. Maybe they’ll like how I worked them into this video though 🙂

I usually have a lot of fun shooting wedding videos. I often say it’s great seeing so many people happy, excited, and having some of the best times. Leah & Tate’s wedding in Shelby was all of that and some!

It’s hard to pin down what the most moving/entertaining part was of this particular wedding. Leah & Tate were easily a perfect match. So much so they didn’t appear to have any stress at all about what could easily be a long and rather overwhelming event. Their love for each other made it look easy 😉

The pre-cermony was very relaxed. In perfect timing, just as everyone finished getting dressed up, a first look offered the couple a chance to spend a little time together and with their wedding party just before the rush of their remaining day.

The ceremony at Central United Methodist Church was also great. The Officiant, John Boggs, was both moving and entertaining. The wedding party was huge! The guest attendance, enormous! The couple, they were just perfect! And Central United Methodist Church, across from the Earl Scruggs Center in Uptown Shelby was an utmost complimentary fit.

From what I heard, the rehearsal was as good as any reception can get. The wedding party didn’t let that hold them back from having a wide open awesome time all night long the next night after the wedding! The Crystal Clear Band was fantastic (hear and see them in the videos). The home reception was perhaps the best I’ve ever seen. “Got You Covered” provided the rentals (check out the video featuring their reception tents). The vendors were professional, courteous, and enjoyable providing just the right amount of everything, except maybe the chocolate cake. I really wanted a piece of that cake! But, it’s not about me… Nonetheless, the coconut sufficed in the most delicious way. Excellent job with the cakes Liz Rose Berry!

There were definitely some novel moments. We went a little more candid at times, wrapping up the video with some unique guest comments. But, perhaps most entertaining derailment of all was the Plush Flush “MTV Cribs style” tour (see this video). Whoever knew a portable toilet could be so way high class! And this dude killed the tour guide persona! Another really special moment was when Tate flipped Leah on the dance floor! And the toasts were absolutely precious. We almost had to get mops to soak up all the tears!

It was a huge honor to capture Leah & Tate’s most precious day. Their family and friends were massive, super friendly, and you couldn’t ask for more love than this family has for each other.

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