This was my first time visiting the LeGrand Center in Shelby, NC for an event. I was very impressed and look forward to future events at the LeGrand Center. I was invited by Cecil and Company, a DJ service in Shelby, NC. I have covered wedding videos and receptions in similar venues but typically in other parts of the state. The LeGrand Center is in Shelby, NC where we live so this makes for an ideal venue to shoot event videos at. So, when I heard Cecil was doing his DJ thing there I thought it would be a great opportunity to check it out.

Cecil and I have known each other for over a decade now. I’ve long wanted to work with him some, videographing his services and help set him up online as our services could create a good symbiotic relationship for networking. Cecil and I finally had an opportunity to cross paths in a convenient way for a great event, the Masquerade Ball for the “Because We Care Fund”. This fun raises money for Cleveland County Cancer patients (visit Cleveland County HealthCare)┬áCecil has also been providing sound and DJ services for the “Relay for Life” in Shelby over 20 years now!

Below is a little video of Cecil doing his thing. I was simply run and gunning it quick to get him something online to promote his most excellent DJ services. Cecil is a real pleasure to be around, he has the most awesome energy and does excellent work! Definitely a treat for your event/DJ needs in Shelby and beyond. Below is a little video we threw together real quick and below that are some pictures:

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