Tequilas Mexican Grill, my favorite place to eat! Not “just” because Francisco Montes is one of the coolest people I know in the world, no, that may make his place more inviting than virtually any other restaurant. It’s because the reason you’re there, the food is soooo incredibly good! I just hate I’ve gone vegan. Because I loved so many things on that menu.

So, it’s a delicious honor to work for Tequilas. We do their menus, videos, and website. Occasionally he’ll ask me to design a card, flier, poster, drink menu, etc… The first thing I did was vectorize his logo so I can use it for each project. Then I took pictures of the venue for color reference and to integrate into everything.

There are currently 3 Tequilas locations. Two are in Gastonia, NC and one is in Mooresville, NC. All three have the same menu and share the same website. Francisco is also involved in a Catering Business called Fine Events Catering and an Event Venue called The Brawley House, both of which are awesome services.

So, if you haven’t done it yet, stop by the next time you’re passing through G-Town. Or even if it’s a bit out of the way, make a trip and enjoy!