Event cinematography is such a rush. Live music videos can be as intense as a wedding or any other live event. You have to know your gear very well. And, having various types of cameras and gear makes the challenge that much harder.

Below is a Concert Music Video Collage using a few songs from a Darin & Brooke Aldridge show performed at the Little Kings Mountain Theater in Kings Mountain, North Carolina December 2014. The show was shot with a Sony ea50uh as a primary camera using the kit lens, two Sony FDR AX100’s (one on the side and one in the back), and a Sony HDR CX550 in the very back. Audio off the board feed was hard to acquire and ended up being too hot. So, a mix from the cameras was used.

One main camera person was on the main camera. The side camera was monitored by an assistant. The two back cameras flew solo and the back FDR camera was a little soft on focus unfortunately. Every gig is learning experience!

Next time I’m going to work harder at getting the focus right. Lately I’ve been working on jumping between cameras and setting them up and use more manually faster, to match better as well. So, next time all solo, unmanned cameras will have to have a real subject to lock focus on instead of a mic stand. At that time I can set the white balance and feel better about walking away.

The artist didn’t express any specific desires on how they wanted this edited until after the gig. We ended up editing and using one song first, they chose “All About That Bass” (available in the playlist below). That song got a lot of hits fast, like within a week it had over 6 thousand views! A couple weeks later we put the collage video. The collage will be used for their electronic press kit (EPK).

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