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We are constantly covering some of the best musicians out there. We love music and that is why our channel has over 500 music videos. We’ve got over a million and a half views and over 8,200 subscribers. Be sure to check out and subscribe to our channel and “like” Live in the Music us on facebook and neofilm


  • Multiple Video Camera Coverage Option
  • Audio Captured Separate to Ensure the Best Quality Sound
  • Candid Coverage & Interviews with the Band
  • Studio Session Music Videos
  • Music Video Collages of Band Practices and/or Live Shows, etc…


  • Multiple Video Camera Option
  • Lip Synch Video to Your Studio Audio, or
  • Record Your Audio Separate On Location, or
  • Captured Audio Separate to Before Video to Synch in Post
  • Candid Coverage & Interviews with the Band
  • Studio Location
  • On-Location Studio

Crains, Lighting, Stabilizers, etc… available based on your needs/budget.


Your videos will be professionally edited. If multiple cameras were used we’ll blend the footage together. Effects may be subtle, like cross dissolves, etc… or we may use special effects. Sometimes customers will sit with us here at our studio to join in on the editing process or we may edit on location.

Music videos typically just end up on our YouTube channel and are rendered in at least high definition. From there we may promote the videos via our social network (facebook, twitter, google plus, etc…) and blog about the videos on and our other sites. You may easily include the videos in your channel by simply going to the video and clicking “Add to” underneath the video and selecting your playlist that you would like to include the video in.

If you prefer to only have the video on your channel then we  will render out the same, as H.264. We may deliver those to you on a thumb drive.

For more information about different rendering options (DVD, Blu-ray, or file) check out our blog on Video File Versus DVD or Blu-ray

Online Promotion

As of 2014 our YouTube channel has over 8,200 subscribers and 2.7 million views. We also love adding new bands and video to our “Live in the Music” site!

We are also:

We pitch and promote certain artists we work with through our social network and our industry connections.