This year has thus far been surprisingly well for video production. We produced training videos for Apple and some more for facebook. We produced a lot of wedding videos. And, music videos have been evolving into more concept style videos and live videos more for certain artists.

As the wedding season slowed down at the same time corporate videos were wrapping up. A few weeks ago I mailed out the last two weddings on the books. Since then I’ve been anxious to produce something, anything!

So I ventured off to cover some Nashville music. It’s been a while and Zack Rosicka,, was visiting to prospect for a couple weeks. I spent 7 and a half days.

During my time in Nashville I, as usual, sought out some musicians to cover. Each time I venture there I try to take my experience to a new level and this trip was no exception.

The first day was just a hanging out period with Zack Rosicka, a blues player from Florida, and Josh Black, a country chicken picker and vocalist from Nashville. We crashed a few places, they got on stage, I almost did, but I was having too much fun watching. I videographed a little the first night, but just with my phone. So, I don’t have anything worthy of sharing from that experience.

The next day I hit music row and met an awesome artist by the name of Adam Searan. Later that night I videographed Daniel Donato performing with an great group of players at Rogers Western World on Broadway. I only shot him with one camera run and gun style, that’s all I typically do on Broadway. Not to mention it’s usually crowded with people having a blast making it typically a tight place to squeeze into.

Thursday was a wash. Basically, I tried to make some contacts but couldn’t land anything significant. I began to get a little frustrated with the situation. But, things turned around rather quickly into an awesome time.

Friday I got to hang out with Adam Searan to discuss some ideas for possibly doing a concept video for one of his songs on his awesome CD. Adam introduced me to some awesome areas, East Side, Centenial Park, etc as we considered locations for the video. Then we planned to resume Saturday and/or Sunday night. Friday night I shot a time lapse of Nashville lighting up for Adams’ song.

Saturday and Sunday I was with Joe Robinson all weekend. What an amazing kid! We basically started and ended the same time each day, 11 am to about 8:30 pm. So, this sort of foiled my meeting with Adam. It didn’t stop Zack from persuading me to go out to an APA party. However, not even an hour into it I was editing what I shot of Joe that day on my laptop in some quiet room of a strangers’ house.

Saturday with Joe seemed to go pretty good. But, after showing them my rough edit Sunday morning I wasn’t sure if it would even be used. Sunday was a total different approach, a rather out there approach to say the least. I’m curious to see how this video goes!

By Sunday night I was really getting home sick. But, I really wanted to stay an extra day and shoot something for Adam Searan. So, we made arangements to shoot Monday night when he was available and I managed to hang out an extra day and night.

Monday after lunch with a gang of players I eventually met up with Adam. We shot for two and a half hours that night. Then we went to dinner where I would edit. The next morning I went to Love Circle to get some time lapses of the sun rise for Adams’ song. Then I hit the road for Carolina.

On the way back I stopped at the Blueridge Parkway and shot some more video for Adams’ song. The weekend after I got back home I started shooting some more b-roll at Crowders and the Parkway in Asheville. Then we found a couple of friends willing to be in the video. So, I spent two days incorporating them.

All this for the love of music. The crazy thing is, at this point it’s questionable as to whether they’ll even use the videos… Gotta love it! If I do manage to have the Adam Searan and Joe Robinson videos available for public I’ll definitely be sharing them here and of course on!


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