Responsive Web Design Matters!

The day after I posted this Google announced on CBS they are ranking responsive sites at the top of mobile searches. This is huge! Click here to learn more about that: Google announces being favorable to mobile device friendly websites!

This weeks screen shot is about responsive web design. Over the last few weeks I’ve been learning ways to implement responsive web design to keep up with the times. Since wedding videos are a big thing for us, we need our first responsive web design project to be with Some more tweaks to come but all in all it’s at least where it needs to be. Now I can practice what I’ve learned over and over updating some other old sites I have out there. 

Originally, I used to make static websites basically from scratch using Dreamweaver techniques from about 10 years ago. If a customer needed something more elaborate I would use a content management system (CMS). But CMS is overkill for most clients. So, I would make them something static that was very fast loading and optimized and leave it at that.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

For more than a year now over half internet searches are done using mobile and tablet devices. The sites I made worked on those devices but they weren’t exactly mobile friendly.

Just over a month ago I started receiving notifications from Google concerning the sites I manage through them. The message basically stated that the site would be indexed for particular devices based on whether it was responsive to that device or not. This didn’t immediately lower the ranking of my particular sites but could very soon.

Responsive web design means the website changes to accommodate the view port of the device a visitor is viewing the site on. This is important for user experience and search engine optimization. And because Google now indexes websites accordingly we wanted to make sure our micro-sites and customer sites are where they need to be.

With all the new products out there, this started off as a very daunting task. When to use Dreamweaver, Muse, Reflow, Photoshop or Illustrator or InDesign or Flash or Animate or when will it stop! But, there’s a reason and wrapping my brain around it took some pain. Good news for the future is it will all get more simple of course and Adobe is working on that right now. Only, in the meantime it’s like ouch!

After getting the grasp of it though I’m addicted now. I’m ready to apply, apply, apply so I can maintain a retain!

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