Following Passion

I originally went to college for psychology. I worked in human services 15 years post grad. On the weekends I enjoyed learning about videography. First following my son around throughout his childhood. Then helping friends out with their weddings and projects.

My passion for event videography and helping others has evolved from wedding cinematography, to live music videos,  to training videos, and now videos about health.

I started learning about nutrition in late 2016. The more I learned the more I wanted to share with others. I started videographing these doctors and organized my efforts into a project called VeganLinked.

Veganism began as ethical movement in mid 1940’s. A movement toward eating plant based had already started amongst medical and other professionals and in the 1980’s a whole food plant based diet was coined by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Jump ahead another 4o years and now we are seeing a whole food plant based diet merging into veganism. A whole food plant based diet is most optimal without animal products. So, it fits perfectly into veganism.

People may go into veganism for various  such as ethical reasons, health reasons, and environmental reasons. So I choose to focus on veganism along with eating whole plant foods because this is the most protective against the top leading causes of death and chronic diseases, the most compassionate toward all life, and most sustainable.

My advocacy videography efforts fit into several categories: Presentations by Doctors, Vegan Life Stories, Documentaries, and Promotional Videos for Vegan Businesses and organizations.

My vegan work is free of charge and easily accessible to the public. If you like what I’m please help keep the cameras rolling with a contribution!

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My name is Jeff Adams. VeganLinked is not a nonprofit entity at this time. Any money I receive helps cover basic expenses like travel. Meanwhile there are loads of other expenses like equipment, editing, website development & hosting, etc…). I may never come close to breaking even.  Nonetheless I give my all to accelerate the vegan movement.

With your help I may be able to at least cover basic expenses that will help sustain this work more and potentially take it to another level.

Other Stories

The idea of producing lifestories is something that I have long wanted to pursue. Thus far, I have only done some videos on a whim for others that somewhat fit in this category. At some point I would like to really hone in on doing something more elaborate and creative.

I have all new gear that I am looking forward to using for a project like this. I’m looking forward to capturing your story for prosperities sake. No one can tell your story like you can!

Infinite Life Stories

Infinite Life Stories is a concept I came up with around the time my last Grandparent passed away. I first started losing loved ones after college. In college I studying dying as part of my program on psychology. It wasn’t long before I watched it all unfold in my life.

One of my biggest regrets is not having captured the stories my grandparents could tell. No one could tell a story like them, esp. their precious, invaluable, unique story.

My last Grandparent passed in Los Angeles as I was flying out to see her, before my plane landed. I was prepared to capture her story; I had a video camera and so many questions in my mind. All that was there when I arrived was her lonely home with all her belongings.

Of all my ideas Infinite Life Stories is one that my wife seems to like the most. I didn’t really know how to get started. And I always ended up doing something else. Then one day I was in Nashville, 6 hours from home. I was working with a musician. His personal manager had an assistant with a Grandmother, 90+ years old, blind, mulatto, from a slave mother; a very interesting story to capture. Here name was Canara Rider. I couldn’t resist a few more hours of driving to give it a shot.

Not long after capturing the elderly lady’s story I shot a video of that musician I was visiting in Nashville, Joe Robinson. We were in Atlanta at a venue where he was about to go on. We setup outside quick and where he spoke of his life up to that point. Seven years later and I still haven’t done anything with either of these videos, not until today (1/4/21).

Then one day a lawyer friend of sorts pops up. He wants me to video a Korean War POW vet to help him get benefits. This would be the first video like this that I would finish.

I didn’t finish the first two because I was waiting for more content. Furthermore, it was going to take several hours to cut. In 2013 it wasn’t nearly as easy as it is now in 2021. So, with a little extra time on my hands these days during COVID-19 quarantine and a relatively new editing machine, a few hours to cut these is a breeze.

Perhaps the thing that made me jump into working more toward Infinite Life Stories was the second video I would finish. Sandy Carlton of Big Sound, Small Town offered to let me video Roger Padgett on his show. This was a perfect match for Infinite Life Stories and Live in the Music. I had already videographed a fund raiser for cancer treatment for Roger several years ago. Ironically, I also videographed Roger performing “Nashville Flood” by his band Evergreen at the time.

Evergreen is from my town here in North Carolina, Shelby. But I happened to run into Evergreen in Nashville, on Broadway at Tootsie’s World-Famous Orchard where I was visiting Josh Black. Roger’s band later wrote Nashville Flood and I happened to video them perform it at a small festival in North Carolina. The crazy thing, first person I was asked to videograph, Canara Rider, she lives within walking distance of a bridge that was flooded during the imfamous Nashville Flood that Evergreen wrote about.

So, a lot of synchronicities going on here.