The idea of producing lifestories is something that I have long wanted to pursue. Thus far, I have only done some videos on a whim for others that somewhat fit in this category. At some point I would like to really hone in on doing something more elaborate and creative.

I have all new gear that I am looking forward to using for a project like this. I’m looking forward to capturing your story for prosperities sake. No one can tell your story like you can!

Infinite Life Stories

Infinite Life Stories is a concept I came up with around the time my last Grandparent passed away. I first started losing loved ones after college. In college I studying dying as part of my program on psychology. It wasn’t long before I watched it all unfold in my life.

One of my biggest regrets is not having captured the stories my grandparents could tell. No one could tell a story like them, esp. their precious, invaluable, unique story.

My last Grandparent passed in Los Angeles as I was flying out to see her, before my plane landed. I was prepared to capture her story; I had a video camera and so many questions in my mind. All that was there when I arrived was her lonely home with all her belongings.

Of all my ideas Infinite Life Stories is one that my wife seems to like the most. I didn’t really know how to get started. And I always ended up doing something else. Then one day I was in Nashville, 6 hours from home. I was working with a musician. His personal manager had an assistant with a Grandmother, 90+ years old, blind, mulatto, from a slave mother; a very interesting story to capture. Here name was Canara Rider. I couldn’t resist a few more hours of driving to give it a shot.

Not long after capturing the elderly lady’s story I shot a video of that musician I was visiting in Nashville, Joe Robinson. We were in Atlanta at a venue where he was about to go on. We setup outside quick and where he spoke of his life up to that point. Seven years later and I still haven’t done anything with either of these videos, not until today (1/4/21).

Then one day a lawyer friend of sorts pops up. He wants me to video a Korean War POW vet to help him get benefits. This would be the first video like this that I would finish.

I didn’t finish the first two because I was waiting for more content. Furthermore, it was going to take several hours to cut. In 2013 it wasn’t nearly as easy as it is now in 2021. So, with a little extra time on my hands these days during COVID-19 quarantine and a relatively new editing machine, a few hours to cut these is a breeze.

Perhaps the thing that made me jump into working more toward Infinite Life Stories was the second video I would finish. Sandy Carlton of Big Sound, Small Town offered to let me video Roger Padgett on his show. This was a perfect match for Infinite Life Stories and Live in the Music. I had already videographed a fund raiser for cancer treatment for Roger several years ago. Ironically, I also videographed Roger performing “Nashville Flood” by his band Evergreen at the time.

Evergreen is from my town here in North Carolina, Shelby. But I happened to run into Evergreen in Nashville, on Broadway at Tootsie’s World-Famous Orchard where I was visiting Josh Black. Roger’s band later wrote Nashville Flood and I happened to video them perform it at a small festival in North Carolina. The crazy thing, first person I was asked to videograph, Canara Rider, she lives within walking distance of a bridge that was flooded during the imfamous Nashville Flood that Evergreen wrote about.

So, a lot of synchronicities going on here.