Wedding-Video-Promotional-FlierLast Friday I received the printed fliers I designed for the wedding video services I provide. I will be sharing this with wedding vendors around the Carolinas. The wedding video services we offer are promoted through both neofilm and I will be expanding so that there can be a wedding vendors page. This wedding vendor page will list the wedding vendors (e.g. Banquet Halls, Bridal Shops, Caterers, Wedding Photographers, etc…) that would like to host these fliers to share with interested brides as well as do a link exchange.

If you are a vendor and would like to share this flier online, and/or a physical copy, and do a link exchange let us know so we may reciprocate! And, thank you for helping us get the word out!

Here is a link to the PDF if you would like to share that:

Or, if you prefer a JPG: