live in the music profile logoWith over a million views, 1K subscribers, and still plenty of heart and energy we’re organizing our passion and love of music into So, be sure to check it out. And, if you want join as a fan, band, live music venue, or sponsor.

I’ve worked with musicians for over a decade and a half now. I’ve learned so much about what it’s like to “live in the music” and the different ways in which people do live in the music. Over time I developed such a vast portfolio that I decided it needed to be organized on my YouTube channel to really make it easy for people to enjoy the fruits of my labor. To read more about it visit our “Learn More” page on

The site is showcasing all the artist we cover. will archive the playlists we create of live music venues and bands on our YouTube Channel. is a directory for Live Music Venues, Bands/Musicians, Music Services, and Fans/Sponsors. Anyone will be able to join the directory for free or pay for more feature rich packages. There’s a basic package and 3 different featured packages for a total of 5 in all.

Our goal is to keep doing what we love. That’s covering and promoting real musicians. Live in the Music aspires to inspire creativity so you can to take it to the next level.