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Our forte is training videos, wedding videos, and music videos. Yet, we will videograph virtually anything you want us to. You are the director, it’s your gig! Whether it’s a wedding, documentary, presentation, commercial, training videos, music videos, concept videos, birthday party, etc… we’ve virtually done it all. If not, we’ll bring our expertise, gear, and additional hands as needed.

Our YouTube channel,, currently has over 600 videos with over 2,675 subscribers and almost two million views. However, most of our more professional and elaborate video production work is not on YouTube. Weddings, training videos, birthdays, and other more private and personal events don’t end up online, at most we may upload a trailer version of these to highlight and market what we offer. And some of our work ends up on other channels.

Our production potential depends on a lot of factors; e.g. budget, project viability, your passion, and even a little of my personal interest in the project. So, the videos we have online are not entirely representative of our utmost potential or what we may specifically do for you. Whatever your video production services need is contact us to discuss how we may specifically, uniquely serve you.

Below is an overview of our video production services broken into two categories; Live Events & Concept Videos. For specific details visit Wedding Video Services, Music Videos, Corporate Training Videos.

Event Videography

Event Cinematography or Event Videography is providing video production services for “live” events such as weddings, parties, training videos, seminars, and any other type of “live” event. While most of our experience is covering live events we are progressively producing more concept videos and even documentaries. As a result, we are using more cinematic gear for live events to increase production value. Great Event Videography skills come from years of experience editing what you shoot! You only have one shot at getting the right shot. The most precious wedding, expensive trainer, presenter, live performance, etc… needs comprehensive, experienced videography services and neofilm delivers.

Concept Videos

Concept videos may be an idea you have for a song, service, product, documentary, pilot, etc… We either already have the gear and team or can build the gear and team needed to produce your video right based on your vision and budget.


We upgrade and buy new gear regularly. So, this is just an example of the gear we may have readily available. We may also upgrade, purchase, or rent gear for a specific project. To see some of the gear we have click here to visit our gear page