Virtual Tours

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Neofilm offers 360 panorama photography and videography. We enjoy creating virtual tours that are super high resolution resulting in the most immersive and awesome virtual reality experience.

Virtual tours involve hot spots that lead from one 360 panoramic scene to another. Hot spots can be customized for other results as well, such as displaying an image, information, or to play a video. We can also create a map to navigate through the tour and/or to drill down into another map before entering a tour.

Features in Virtual Tours


Virtual tours can be used for standalone applications or integrated into your website. At the top of this page we offer an example of a 360 tour we created and integrated into this website. The navigation bar can be customized to fit your image and specific needs. VR Tours can start off with a little planet, auto-rotation, on a map, or within any scene of the tour. Most things may be customized.


Options on the navigation bar include but are not limited to full screen mode, hide hot spots, go to next/previous panorama, home (first panorama in the tour), share tour, information (displays information about current panorama or entire tour), zoom in/out, virtual reality mode, hide navigation, and more.


360 Video can also be integrated into a Virtual Tour. Regular video may also be included inside of a 360 tour.

We have some 360 videos you may see that we’ve been experimenting with, hosted on YouTube, embedded here:


Music or a narration may also be included. This may play during the entire tour or during during different panoramic scenes  within your 360 tour.

360 Panoramas

Virtual Tours typically consist of many panoramic scenes, each usually a 360° panorama. Those panoramas can also be used individually within a website or individually shared on social media. An example of this is posting 360 photos on facebook or in the header of a facebook page or profile. 


Your logo can be included in the Virtual Tour. Your logo may be placed on any corner or side and linked to your website. And your logo may be placed inside the tour to cover the nadir, utmost bottom, where the tripod usually is.

Virtual Reality mode enables the viewer to view the tour with VR Glasses. While wearing 3D VR glasses you can move your head around to explore your environment and then focus on a hot spot to activate it (e.g. go into the next panoramic scene).  I have a pair of inexpensive cardboard 3D glasses that work great. Of course, while this is a lot of fun it’s completely optional.

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