360 Video Services

360 video is loads of fun. Editing a 360 video gives you endless possibilities. Or leaving a video unedited gives the viewer total control of their point of view. Who could ask for more? 

360 video can also be integrated into Virtual Tours. That’s where the fun really gets deep. Virtual Tours are the most immersive experience for viewers learning about a location such as a facility, restaurant, zoo, city, etc… We are very excited to have worked hard in learning and investing in this new way of media. Check out our page on “Virtual Tours” for an example and more information.

360 Video of Oak Grove String Band

Playing with POV

This was our first 360 Video, we experiment as time permits. In the meantime enjoy some Oak Grove String Band in 360. We had a little too much fun editing the Point of View (POV). It’s best viewed probably on a computer without moving the POV. If you’re watching on a phone or tablet try to hold the device still to maintain the edited POV and see how we’ve edited it. I may try to do a different take on this where I render it out in “overcapture” to see how that works.

360 Video Derek McCoy Trio

No POV Edits

This is Derek McCoy Trio. In this video I didn’t edit the Point Of View (POV). Therefore it’s a more standard 360 video. Most people into virtual reality probably would prefer this. Keeping the POV straight, unedited enables them to control the POV. Virtual reality glasses, like the cardboard Google ones, are very inexpensive and fun. You just select the VR mode in the player, place your smart phone in the glasses, put the glasses on and wahlah you’re in Virtual Reality! Or you can just skip all that and use your mouse on a computer or touch screen on your phone, tablet or monitor if it’s touch screen…