In the late 90’s I was living in Gastonia, NC. I worked in Human Services then and in the evennings I would invariably be working on the something media like or related to music. My friend Matt Stowe turned me onto a vision he had in Downtown Gastonia. He and I started working on an idea to open up a venue. It was during this time that Francsico who was moving to his first building for Tequilas right there on main street. We’ve since been friends… my favorite mexican restaurant too!

One day while hanging out at Tequilas a band was playing in the middle of the street on a stage for some event. The guitar player was blowing it up out there! I found it was this kid by the name of Zack Rosicka.

A few years the venue idea Matt and I had evolved into several things until that was all dissolved. I salvage what I could learn from those experiences and eventually started neofilm. Before neofilm I just had a video camera and not much desire to do anything much with it. Well, until I ran into Zack again around 2002 on a stage for an “Alive After Five” event in Shelby, NC where I was now living. He was playing for a band called Contagious Blues Band. I befriended the members and started following them around everywhere I could with my video camera.

Zack later moved to Florida where he soon put together a powerful, rockin bluez album  titled “Patiently Waiting”.  Eventually Zack went acoustic solo. Zack is currently residing in Florida and teasing us with the idea of moving somewhere like Nashville, New York, or LA where he can put together a band, something I think all his fans are desperately craving for.

So, here’s a playlist of Zack’s videos I’ve capture. These are a very small portion of what I’ve really done. I’ve captured over 20 shows, and some AMAZING material of this kid in various stages. While the great majority of that is not online be sure to still navigate through the variety of his performance I have here and he may have on his youtube channel.