Every production involves a new learning experience. And, typically at least, I try to push learning something new on every level. And every event being unique brings with it many experiences, some of which may be a bit challenging. Most of the wedding videos we have produced over the years have been at the beach or mountains. While these spots offer the most majestic views City weddings may be nonetheless spectacular. Last year there was a wedding video in Charlotte that we produced that was absolutely beautiful yet was a bit of a challenge.

This particular church would not allow any video or photography equipment anywhere but the balcony. Now, balcony shots can be awesome to cut to. But having only that one vantage point to work with is not ideal at all.

I positioned three cameras on the balcony, one wide and two tight to trade off following the action with. I had to share this crowded spot with a DJ that was fixed dead center and consuming most of the real estate. Then add the photographerS! Oh, and the pews. This was far from ideal, this was totally cramped.  As if the experience of shooting this Charlotte wedding video from the most challenging position wasn’t enough, what happened next was a slap to the face-and a bit funny.

I’ve shot weddings in churches between here and the coast, Atlanta, and Virginia. There’s been a couple of churches where I was not allowed to video the wedding in proximity to the alter, but I always managed to push my way pretty close to the best spot. We use manfrotto tripod systems that enable us to follow the action tight and smooth from one vantage point. This way, we don’t have to move a lot, if at all, and we remain as non-intrusive as possible. But, we prefer to surround the alter and be as close as possible for the best shooting options.

This particular church had a coordinator that would absolutely not budge. There was no convincing her of anything other than what she had already set in her mind. So, the wedding ceremony starts and Sarah (my other videographer) & I are on the balcony. The wedding party is in place, everyone stands for the bride and suddenly I see the nave light up with camera flashes!?!? Half the guest are down there taking pictures and video with their cameras and phones while we’re stuck up here???

I did manage to sneak/hide a camera near the front;) Only because the bride said she wanted me to if I could even though they didn’t want me to… And, the next time this sort of thing happens I’m sending in an undercover videographer as a guest!!! Well, I may try to that is…  

Sarah and I captured some beautiful b-roll before the ceremony with our new slider, camera, and lenses. And, everything came together perfect in post (when editing the video). The hidden camera was magically right on spot! 🙂 I would have liked to have made a video sample from this Charlotte, NC wedding video. But, sometimes it’s hard to take time out to produce for myself. Kind of like the mechanic that doesn’t want to work on his own car.  Though, sometimes it’s easy to whip up a video sample; esp. if I feel like I have the right camera angles to choose from.

I hope to put some Charlotte wedding video samples up. I do have a wedding video sample from one I produced at the Brawley House in Mooresville, NC. However, this was a few years ago and we have since upgraded. We are booked to produce another wedding video at the Brawley House this year and a wedding video in Huntersville in just a few weeks. So, we may put something new up sample wise.

Our most recent wedding video sample was at the beach. We employed our new camera and slider for this wedding. It was full of challenges too that I may share in another post. One of the challenges was sand flees! They were eating us up!!!

We love producing weddings videos, that’s the only way we could do it! People are happy, having fun, there’s great entertainment, delicious food, and we get to see beautiful new places. And when it’s all done, the best part is hearing how much the bride & groom love their wedding video:)