Gingerbread Meeting House Wedding Video

On June 14th, 2014 neofilm, as Carolina Wedding Videographer, had the honor to attend and produce Gingerbread Meeting House Wedding Video for Krystal Dotson and Jordan Bowen. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the Gingerbread Meeting House in Shelby, NC. For more information about this event venue visit their site at We arrived a little extra early to get some complimentary slider shots in. Right away I could tell this was going to be a very fun and special night. The Gingerbread Meeting House is a perfect venue for events and we love shooting there!

Krystal and Jordan were equivocally filled with pure love in anticipation for one of their most precious days. The night went smooth for everyone. And they could not have asked for better weather which made it ideal for shooting at the corn field behind the Gingerbread Meeting House. I enjoyed working with the photographer and would like to check out some of the  that came out great on video. Check out if you haven’t already, she’s doing awesome photography work!

A beautiful match in every way, Krystal and Jordan are meant for each other and have a powerful future together. All of their family and friends had a great time sharing together in support and love for Krystal & Jordan, making this a very enjoyable wedding to be a part of and a fun Gingerbread Meeting House Wedding Video to produce!


Below are some stills/pictures I snatched from the video as I was editing:


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Father and Bride

Father and Bride

Father and Bride

Father and Bride Shelby Wedding Video

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Picture from video of First Dance

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